Wisdom Fair 2016

Wisdom Fair 2016

Festival of Inclusion, Lexicon Library, Dun Laoghaire

For Adults and children 7+, Storytellers: Fiona Dowling, Aideen Mc Bride, Pat Speight, Michael Phelan.

For this interactive celebration of Wisdom Stories, I invited audience members to submit, anonymously and online, a life question or dilemma from their own experience. The questions were then given to a panel of 4 storytellers who answered them with a matching folktale on the day.

Please submit a life question or existential dilemma that you would like to see answered by a folktale on October 9th in the LexIcon.

– When you want to take a risk, but everyone tells you take the safe path.

– Forgive or not forgive?

– What do you do when someone keeps hurting you and pushing you until you feel sad all the time?

– In a world trumped up by the most outrageous claims, truth, even when she dresses as story, no longer gets heard. Will truth have to come dressed in the most outrageous story ever? Or is she doomed to take story by the arm and quietly disappear in a puff of nothingness?

– How can i continue to be truly caring and still live my own life and follow my own interests in a situation, where my mother needs so much care for so many years she is very dependant and very old and frail now.

– What’s love got to do, go to do with it?

– Why do the wicked prosper?

– How does one overcome depression? How does one find meaning in life, the meaning of life?

– What job should I work at?

– Why do I like to be recognised or remembered by others? Is this my motivation of living?

– Is war ever justified?

– Do we live in a world of equal rights?

– Kissing frogs, would you recommend it?

– The opposite of a true statement is a false statement, but can the opposite of a profound truth can be another profound truth?

– How can a person learn to recognise their Path when it is not at all clear?

– How can a person learn to prioritise things and organise their life when they are terrible at it`?

– How can children learn to be themselves and also respect their parents when they have opposing ideas?

– How can human beings learn to respect and appreciate the earth’s other inhabitants enough to stop taking and using more and more of their land for themselves?

– How to deal with self doubt?

– Oh Wise ones….I have a friend who has some very good qualities and I like very much. They have a very good heart and would do anything for you. They only problem is they are the lazyiest person I have ever met and wont even bother tying their shoes in the morning. As you can imagine they have a problem getting nevermind holding down a job. Is there any profession that you can suggest that might capture their interest. Many thanks.

– Do I want to bring up my children in the city or in the country? And where do i want to live?

– Why do I miss my dog so much after she has died?

– Are schools the appropriate place for our young?


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January 17, 2018

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